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Brandt Fralick, Owner Brandt Fralick
Brandt Fralick
Velocity Coach AFTA, NCCP

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Explode into the infinite and beyond the limitless. Discover unknown depths and accelerate to new heights of athletic performance and achievement. Nitro Velocity will work with you to achieve your greatest athletic aspirations.
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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift..."
-Steve Prefontaine

There are single moments in your life that make you. That set the course for who your going to be and what you might someday become. Sometimes they're small, subtle moments; Sometimes they're not. But the most important thing in any given moment is to have the ability to believe in yourself through uncertainty and beyond the unknown. Without hesitation, have the desire to be willing to sacrifice everything...


Learn to sprint the right way

"To increase speed, maintain your pace but Lengthen your stride"

Nitro Velocity was designed and specifically created to teach athletes how to achieve super maximal levels of speed by enhancing dynamic strength and explosive power through intensity in motion. Through Increasing coordination and biomechanical efficiencies to allow the body to optimize speed through rapid propulsion and acceleration through the synergistic use of the body in its intricate entirety.



Brandt is an athletic performance coach based out of Kelowna British Columbia. He has a specialty in velocity training and has a very unique gift for increasing the intensity, power and function of the human nervous system. Prior to being a Velocity Coach, Brandt was an Internationally ranked sprinter and began competing at an International level in the year 2003 at the IAAF World Youth Championships as a member of the Canadian Youth National Sprints and Relays Team. Brandt currently works with a multitude of different athletes that range from Local, Developmental, Amateur, Provincial, National, International, Collegiate, NCAA, Semi-professional and Professional.



"The Future Belongs To Those Who Follow Their Dreams..."

It is not always easy getting noticed through sport. Sometimes, some of the greatest talents are hidden behind the walls of politics and the basic nature of sports. This website was created for athletes to promote and showcase themself to the world; To allow athletes the opportunity to be recognized and seen in ways others may not have ever seen them before. is meant for athletes so that they can increase their chance at attaining all they have known as their dreams and aspirations through sport.

Please contact Nitro Velocity if you would like your profile, highlight tape, stats and other information used in our athlete section of the site as a tool for your own personal identification and promotion to coaches, teams, schools or other organizations.