Nitro Velocity


Brandt is an athletic performance coach based out of Kelowna British Columbia. He has a specialty in velocity training and has a very unique gift for increasing the intensity, power and function of the human nervous system. Prior to being a Velocity Coach, Brandt was an Internationally ranked sprinter and began competing at an International level in the year 2003 at the IAAF World Youth Championships as a member of the Canadian Youth National Sprints and Relays Team. Brandt currently works with a multitude of different athletes that range from Local, Developmental, Amateur, Provincial, National, International, Collegiate, NCAA, Semi-professional and Professional.

From 2008 through part of 2011, Brandt had been privately contracted through Pinnacle Physiotherapy as their Velocity Coach; working with their trainers and practitioners to help athletes correct biomechanical flaws in their sprint patterning for sport performance and injury rehabilitation and prevention. During this time, Brandt was also developing his company Nitro Velocity to better reach out to other athletes and help them achieve their optimum performance; unlocking their true giftings and athletic performance potential. Brandt coaches a wide range of athletes and teams within a wide range of sports including: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Fastball, Field Hockey, Figure Fitness, Boxing, Ski Racing, M.M.A, Gymnastics, Marathon, Triathlon and Iron Man competitors.

Since the year 2003 to present day, Brandt has been given the fortunate prvilege to apprentice under and learn from some of the best and most successful sprint coaches, sprinters and bio mechanic specialists in the world and of Canadian History. The knowledge and experiences passed on to him over the years has allowed him the unique ability to help and provide a rare and specialty type of coaching to a number of athletes, other coaches and teams. His background in high performance training and competition allows Brandt to combine his heightened knowledge in movement and biomechanics with elite performance and sprint-power training- recognizing how to optimize each athletes ability to accelerate and attain extreme velocity, vertical, strength, power and force in any sport.

Brandt has developed his reputation based on the work he has done with a multitude of up and coming elite athletes who have now attained or are in the process of attaining full and partial NCAA and CIS football, soccer, field hockey, track and baseball scholarships. His athletes are greatly noted for having some of the fastest competition, combine and training camp test times over 10, 20, 40 and 60 yard distances. Brandt has not only coached athletes to competition, combine and training camp records in speed testing but also has coached athletes to become recognized as the fastest sprinters Provincially, Nationally as well as in North America and within the Common Wealth for their respective age groups.

Brandt spends countless hours guiding his athletes mentally and physically in training and competition. He Dedicates himself to continually pushing to become more and the best of himself to better help his athletes realize their own depth and Unlock their own, infinite and endless potential; Achieving the highest heights they are capable of...