Nitro Velocity

Learning to sprint the right way

"To increase speed, maintain your pace but Lengthen your stride"

Nitro Velocity was designed and specifically created to teach athletes how to achieve super maximal levels of speed by enhancing dynamic strength and explosive power through intensity in motion. Through Increasing coordination and biomechanical efficiencies to allow the body to optimize speed through rapid propulsion and acceleration through the synergistic use of the body in its intricate entirety.

Velocity is the art of acceleration and high intensity movement. It is not something that can be forced, only felt. Each moment, every movement is important; each step determining the outcome of the next.

Sir. Isaac Newton once stated that the acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the magnitude of force applied to the object. Therefore, the more force that can be generated and applied into the direction of movement, the faster the object will accelerate...

Speed is simply the by-product of acceleration and is measured by the rate of motion and the magnitude of velocity in a pure and absolute state; it is completely dependent on net force. Speed can only be measured by the distance travelled divided by time. Through efficient and explosive muscle movement patterns, Nitro Velocity accelerates athletes to new heights and greater depths of athletic performance by unveiling and teaching the true essence of speed, "Velocity".