Nitro Velocity


Brandt has been a unique positive influence in the development of our son. He has shown him that hard work; determination; and practice do indeed pay off. And he does it while making it terrifically fun for the boys. Our son has developed an excellent level of confidence in his athletic abilities and we know these skills will stretch beyond sports into his life as he grows up.

Blair Baldwin

Everything I have to say about Brandt Fralick is positive. As a parent, I hold him in true respect and esteem as he is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. He is terrific with my son as well as all the kids that he trains. He has been instrumental in motivating, inspiring, and training my son for various sports for the past few years. My son looks forward to going to each and every practice. Brandt has been a positive role model in making my son excel and push himself to be the best he can be. Kudos to having such a wonderful coach and mentor.

Jane Luk-Tran

To be completely honest, my feelings towards Brandt Fralick are those of both Love and Hate. I LOVE that he has awoken the spirit within my child that drives him to the level I have always believed he could be at. I LOVE that he looks forward to every session with Brandt even if the previous left him feeling like he couldn’t take another step. I LOVE that he has realized his dreams truly can be more than just dreams. I LOVE that Brandt’s training sessions are more than physical training; they are growing him to be a strong, confident, determined young man in all aspects of his life. I HATE that I have had to accept that no matter how hard I’ve tried over the last 15 years, Brandt has accomplished this in 3 short months!


As a coach of multiple sports I often marvel at the way Brandt connects and motivates young athletes. The physical success has exceeded my son’s expectations. The philosophical mentoring has exceeded mine. He is a great coach and a great roll model.


Results, Devotion, Passion, Extraordinary.

These are only a few words I would use to describe the impact the velocity training with Brandt Fralick has had on the athletes he works with. Our son, Taylor has worked with Coach Brandt for a couple years and the development we have witnessed in our son is phenomenal. We have watched Taylor evolve as an athlete and a person under the tutelage and knowledge of Coach Brandt.

Brandt’s ability to elicit exceptional effort from his athletes that is beyond what they normally would give, has become the norm. He has developed a program that challenges his athletes day in and day out while creating a foundation for success in a wide variety of sports. Brandt’s training techniques do not only focus on the physical attributes of the athlete but on the mental preparation and competitive edge it requires to achieve optimum results.

Brandt has become a mentor to both of our boys by demonstrating that through strength of character, incredible work ethic and resilient personal philosophy you can achieve anything. We’re extremely grateful to have Brandt involved in our families’ lives.

Arden, Sandy, Brett and Taylor Knoll

I have great admiration and respect for Brandt and his coaching and mentoring style. Brandt has been very influential in the development of my son as an athlete and a person. He consistently challenges him and supports his desire to become a better athlete. Brandt has a unique way of working his athletes in a focused and disciplined manner while making it a fun and enjoyable experience. The gains my son has made are outstanding, he looks forward to his time with Brandt and always leaves a session with a clear focus on his goals. Thanks Brandt!

Kendall Gross

Moving to the Okanagan in the summer of 2010 was an exciting yet concerning time in our lives. One of my biggest concerns was my son Zack. He was not on board with this move at all and had become withdrawn and I think a little depressed. That is when coach Brandt first entered our lives. Zack’s outlook quickly began to change. He became more positive and passionate about his sport and life. Coach Brandt helped him realize that his dreams through hard work and determination can become a reality. Brandt only accepts 100 percent effort and helps our kids zone in and attack their goals with tenacity. Thus realizing that breaking through barriers to achieve a goal is not impossible but quite the opposite totally possible.

Recently Zack has been a part of the specialized training group working with Brandt 4 times a week. The strength and speed he has gained has been phenomenal.

Thank you Brandt for all that you do! Helping to develop these you men not only into athletes but extraordinary human beings that do not shy away from the challenges that life gives us, tackling them with confidence and knowing that ultimately they will succeeded in conquering them.

Terry-Lynn Vint